Beth Wood

No, I just wanted to let Beth know that I saw her in Columbus Georgia in 1996 and bought her Woodwork CD for ten dollars after listening to her and I handed her the ten bucks and she handed me the CD. It brought me so much joy and I cried with it. I am so proud of you! You have such a unbelievable musical talent but what is even better is you use it for goodness. I am so grateful I ran into you that day almost 20 years ago. You got me through some of the Mean Times.

Beth Wood responded on 05/28/2013

hello christine -- thank you SO much for writing and for your very kind words!! i have such fond memories of singing in columbus, GA...i'm so delighted that my music resonated with you and that you were there in the beginning when i put out woodwork...seems like so long ago!! thank you again, you made my day!! hope to see you again, best wishes to you in the mean time... :)

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