Beth Wood

Just want to say how much I adore you!!! I hope to stay in touch in between song camps. Love, Do Mi

Beth Wood responded on 09/15/2014

hello do mi!!!! i'm so glad you reached out!!! i wanted to let you know that there will be a song circle gathering at my house tomorrow (tues) night. i'm so sorry for the last minute invite...but i forgot i was going to add you to the email list until i saw your message!!! we gather around 6:30 for soup (veggie & gluten free). then we play songs for a couple hours. you can share new songs, stuff you're working on, anything you like. my address is 325 W. 38th Ave. lemme know if you are interested and available, we'd love to have you! feel free to call me if you have any questions at 817-296-0595. cheers!


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