Beth Wood

Just returned from SFF. Loved your Sunday celebration as always. Thanks for the most inspirational event in Oregon every year. We'd love to hear you perform more personally. Just subscribed to your newsletter, but do you also maintain a list of people that wish to be contacted when you'll be doing a gig in their area? If so, please add us to it. We live in Salem but Eugene, bend, portland, corvallis all easy. email address is

Beth Wood responded on 09/15/2016

hello and thank you SO much for reaching out and for your kind words!! what a magical week it was in sisters! I am still floating on a cloud from Sunday's community celebration. :) i'm so glad you enjoyed it!

and thank you for signing up for my email newsletter! I send out a monthly newsletter with all the places I am playing, and occasionally I send out emails just to OR peeps about shows around the region.

best wishes to you and hope to cross paths soon!


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