Beth Wood

Not so much a question, just a Thanks for a wonderful concert at Anchor Coffee House last night. The music was great, but the highlight for me was the poem about the ducks (I bought your book, and it is lovely).

Grace from Awkwardness. Is there a better analogy for life in general? Maybe that's my question! :)

And your mission statement was amazing, both my wife and I loved it, as we did the whole concert! I was so happy to find that statement on YouTube from the link on your site....

It's inspiring to see successful people who, through talent and determination, overcome great odds (i.e. poetry and folk music as a business)! Upward and onward!

Andy Shaffer

Beth Wood responded on 04/04/2017

oh my goodness, thank you so much, andy! what a wonderful evening and a warm community of music loving folks! i'm so glad you connect with my poetry -- that makes me so happy! many thanks for the words of encouragement and hope our paths cross again soon!


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