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I do the print folk calendar for the Portland FolkMusic Society. I would like to publicize your concerts. In particular, I am interested in a house concert in Estacada on Aug 13, which is listed on Carl Solomon's website. Can you tell me anything about this?

Beth Wood responded on 06/20/2017

hello, thank you so much for reaching out! here is all the info I have about the aug 13 house concert...
Paradise House Concert
Estacada, OR
Voices on the River- A House Concert Beth Wood and Carl Solomon. Contact at or 503-630-5686 for details and directions. Reserved seating. $15 suggested donation per person, all donations go to the musicians. 4-7 pm.

Thank you!


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Not so much a question, just a Thanks for a wonderful concert at Anchor Coffee House last night. The music was great, but the highlight for me was the poem about the ducks (I bought your book, and it is lovely).

Grace from Awkwardness. Is there a better analogy for life in general? Maybe that's my question! :)

And your mission statement was amazing, both my wife and I loved it, as we did the whole concert! I was so happy to find that statement on YouTube from the link on your site....

It's inspiring to see successful people who, through talent and determination, overcome great odds (i.e. poetry and folk music as a business)! Upward and onward!

Andy Shaffer

Beth Wood responded on 04/04/2017
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Hello Beth,

I am attending your concert in Alpharetta, GA (8/5).

I heard of you from a very dear family friend - Chris Nail (Jacksonville, FL). He is a BIG fan of yours and has seen you perform in numerous SE cities. If you recall Chris, he too is a gifted musician and writer (& wonderful man) but wheelchair-confined for many years (paraplegic from motorcycle accident). Chris would love to attend in person too, but is bed-ridden presently. He is doing pretty well, but has a long healing period in front of him (2 surgeries in 2 months). He insists that I say HELLO to you from him when I attend your gig. Ironically, I was looking at your website last night when Chris phoned me...!

I have a small favor to ask of you. I purchased your 'Kazoo Symphonies' poetry book. I would be very grateful if you would autograph it as a surprise Birthday gift for Chris (Sep 25th).

I look forward to seeing your show!

Thank you!
Monica Darrah

p.s. You look like Grace Slick!

Beth Wood responded on 07/20/2017
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