Beth Wood

Hello Beth,

I am attending your concert in Alpharetta, GA (8/5).

I heard of you from a very dear family friend - Chris Nail (Jacksonville, FL). He is a BIG fan of yours and has seen you perform in numerous SE cities. If you recall Chris, he too is a gifted musician and writer (& wonderful man) but wheelchair-confined for many years (paraplegic from motorcycle accident). Chris would love to attend in person too, but is bed-ridden presently. He is doing pretty well, but has a long healing period in front of him (2 surgeries in 2 months). He insists that I say HELLO to you from him when I attend your gig. Ironically, I was looking at your website last night when Chris phoned me...!

I have a small favor to ask of you. I purchased your 'Kazoo Symphonies' poetry book. I would be very grateful if you would autograph it as a surprise Birthday gift for Chris (Sep 25th).

I look forward to seeing your show!

Thank you!
Monica Darrah

p.s. You look like Grace Slick!

Beth Wood responded on 07/20/2017

hello there, monica -- YAY!! I am so glad you will be there at home by dark in Alpharetta. it is truly one of my favorite concert series EVER! :) and how wonderful that you are friends with chris. yes of course I would be thrilled to sign the poetry book for chris!! I have so many fond memories of my days of playing at European street café in Jacksonville... chris was always there cheering me on and encouraging me in my musical path. looking forward to seeing you soon and please say hello back to chris! --beth

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