Beth Wood

Hi Beth,
I am a musician 95% sure that I am coming to the Singer Song writer week in Guanojuato. I have enjoyed listening to your music. I just found your website. Do you play in California? I'm in Santa Cruz. Let me know. Thanks,Linda Baker

Beth Wood responded on 03/28/2019

hello linda -- thank you for reaching out! how wonderful that you are considering joinins us in guanajuato!! i am so excited for this magical week i can barely sit still! thank you so much for checking out my music and for your kind words!

i do play in california occasionally. i think my next trip there is in early august... i have shows in the bay area so far. dont' know if i will make it down to santa cruz but i sure do love it there.

please let me kwow if i can answer any questions about the reatreat. cheers and happy spring!


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