Beth Wood

I will be seeing you on Jan. 27th 2012 at Eddie's Attic. Never heard of you before, but I have been listening to some of your samples and it sounds really good. Is that a Larrivee guitar u have?

Beth Wood responded on 01/06/2012

helloooooo there and happy new year! thank you so much for writing. yes, i have a larrivee guitar... LOVE it so much.

well the bad news is... i am not going to be able to play at eddies attic on jan 27. they had a change in ownership and failure in communication... i didn't know i was on their calendar until you wrote me! so thank you for that and i hope to reschedule SOON. my apologies for the confusion - the music biz is a crazy world!

all the best in the new year and thanks for listening!


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